Chiara Ficola is a fashion stylist and consultant based in Paris, who provides creative direction services across the fashion industry since 2012. She started her career as Fashion Editor for D La Repubblica, and now work as Fashion Director of CRASH

For her, styling is about the thrill of the encounter, a constant exploration of how fashion can traverse cultures, subcultures, and dress codes across eras and express them anew. She finds inspiration in the diverse environments where she operates, using them as a launching pad for generating fresh and creative ideas.

In addition to her passion for fashion and photography, Chiara Ficola has a deep love for music and counterculture, which have also been significant sources of inspiration in her stories.

Raised in Palermo, Chiara Ficola currently resides in Paris, from where she operates on an international scale. Her journey began during her formative years in Milan, where she pursued a degree in Fashion Communication & Styling at Milan's European Institute of Design. She later channeled her myriad creative interests into a styling focus, as a Freelance since 2012, and as part of the fashion editorial team of D La Repubblica / D Lui for more than ten years.

Chiara’s editorial work has appeared in the pages of titles such as D La Repubblica, Dapper Dan, D LUI, Dossier Journal, Replica Men, Puss Puss, Rivista Studio, The Greatest, Vogue Arabia, Vogue Greece, Vogue Japan, Vogue Poland.

Chiara's expertise and knowledge brought her to styling and consultancy roles with Chanel, Ermenegildo Zegna, Issey Miyake, Le Silla, Marni, Noir Kei Ninomiya, Pollini, Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, United Colors Of Benetton, Valentino.

Her collaborators include photographers David Ferrua, Fanny Latour Lambert, Gregoire Alexandre, Isabelle Wenzel, James Robjant, Jana Gerberding, Johan Sandberg, Kasia Wozniak, Lèa Nielsen, Manuel Obadia Willis, Marc Hibbert, Paolo Di Lucente, Paolo Zerbini, Paul Rousteau, Perry Ogden, Sarah Blais, Thomas Hauser, Vassilis Karidis, Zoe Natale Mannella.